Gin‘Gas has been into music for 25 years. The line-up of the band has been changing until recently when recordings of a new album were started. And these are the core of the band 9-11 musicians from different parts of Lithuania. Funkers from Siauliai, Vilnius, Klaipeda and Panevezys have formed a United Funk Front:


Remigijus FUNKIT Ruokis  – the ever-never changing frontman, vocal MC, generator and manager of all situations,

Agnė Michalenkovaitė - hot charming singer,

Gintautas  Gascevicius – the dynamic drummer,

Paulius Rukas – the bass and rhythm&harmony machine,

Vitolis Žukas  – the precise keyboard player,

Aurimas Povilaitis – the cheerful percussionists,

Arunas Viduolis, – the hot saxophone,

Dmitrij Levencov – the temperamental trumpet,

Valdas Surdokas  – the technical trombone,

Laimonas Urbikas - blond beautiful baritone sax,

Vykintas VYKIS Jasaitis – the exploding guitar player as well as universal musician

With their diverse hot music, those guys can make any audience move and sink in its groove joining the whooping band, whose exploding charge of funky jazz soul music is tuned to the listener’s Ph and strength of their legs…  JHONAS DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT, I KNOW A GIRL FROM AN AD AGENCY, WHAT IF I, DO ASK WHO TRUSTS FALSE RUMOR, DON’T TELL ME NOW, ANYBODY LOVE?, SQUAWK BOX, CARE FOR WINE?, SOUNDTRACK, MEPERDIDO, WYNCHESTER RAP, YOU JAH YOU – all those super hits create the atmosphere of a blowout when you can’t keep dancing even if you have never tried hip-hop before.

The band is fondly welcomed to festivals and clubs as nobody else in Lithuania produces such quantity of pure genuine funk. It’s like heritage. And electronic dance music cannot be perceived without it, they use funk riffs for their basis which enriches both the composed piece and imagination of its remixers.


Regarding the album which will be recorded until the end of this year. Get one and you won’t be disappointed – it is going to be a hot stuff with its own sound, rhythm, philosophy and drive. Live along with music as it makes the word more beautiful in sound…